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René Thomsen, proprietor of Backline Rental Service, has been fully engaged in the music scene since the 1980s. Starting as a roadie,  he then worked as a guitar technician for several internationally known guitarists, was promoted to technical tour manager and is now a successful and highly valued entrepreneur who has established his full-service operation as a dependable partner for organizers, artists and production companies alike

How it all began ...

Outside of his business activities, René, who lives in Isernhagen near Hannover, makes time for his passion: the guitar. But when he does something there are no half-measures - he composed his first songs during the Christmas holidays in 2007, refining them until in 2009 - with the support of singer extraordinaire Jürgen Wulfes plus some internationally known personal friends like Herman Frank, Nibbs Carter, Neil Murray, Bobby Jarzombek – he issued his debut album "Let's Get Ruthless" under the band name THOMSEN. The twelve high-energy metal tracks impressed both critics and fans. Not surprisingly, Thomsen rounded off this foray into the world of music with some live gigs.

Album number 2

THOMSEN was perhaps initially only a project to provide a distraction from René’s hard work in the music business. But the itch was there so he sat down with Mike Pesin to come up with 12 more pieces, collaborating once more with experienced and successful musicians, including Vinnie Appice and Udo Dirk Schneider. Helge Engelke wrote the lyrics, did the arrangements and also mixed the second album "Unbroken", published in 2014. The results enjoyed the praise of fans and music journals even with the changed line-up. Nevertheless, Thomsen remained faithful to his unique style as was plainly evident in the tracks.  René Thomsen again enjoyed some live sessions to mark the end of this chapter

Welcome Back in 2020
Six years on and its time for the third offering by band mastermind and namesake René Thomsen. Under the motto "many things are different, but the essence is the same," these new compositions are all in typical THOMSEN style. They are collective efforts with input from all band members. The current line-up features singer
Jürgen Wulfes, an old friend who gave voice to the extraordinary vocals which stood out on the debut album. On drums is Michael Kolar, a new name whose Heavy Metal drumming skills fit the formation perfectly. Like the other band members, he comes from the Greater Hannover area. They join two old friends: on guitar, Mike Pesin, an absolute wizard as amply demonstrated on the two predecessor albums, and Niklas Turmann on bass. Not forgetting René Thomsen himself on rhythm guitar, and responsible for those powerful standout riffs - definitely the driving force behind these musical visions.

All these musicians live in the same area, so the chances are good that in the future THOMSEN will get together more often than before on stage. Metal fans can look forward to forceful but melodious concerts that no one into metal should miss.

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They say it takes truly outstanding musicians to turn a good composition into an excellent song. Having said that: even brilliant artists need a first-rate original to allow their mastery to shine in its full glory. In other words: you need both, superior song material and exceptional musicians. Following the successful realisation of his debut album Let´s Get Ruthless (2009), which featured a wide range of renowned metal stars, René Thomsen, owner of a company called BRS (Backline Rental Service) and guitarist, composer and bandleader, has repeated this superb combination on his second release, Unbroken! more here

Unbroken is one of the strongest traditional heavy metal albums 2014 had to offer, and is a must-have for fans of Accept, U.D.O., Saxon, Dio and the like. Get your hands on this one, turn it up and bang your head! Thomsen is really on to something here.    more here

Following the success of his 2009 debut album Let´s Get Ruthless,  René Thomsen continues this superb combination for his second release, Unbroken, which includes internationally known guests such as: Udo Dirkschneider, Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell), Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Fates Warning, Sebastian Bach, Riot), David Vincent (Morbid Angel), Mathias Don Dieth (U.D.O.), and Helge Engelke (Fair Warning, Dreamtide). more here

German Power Metal group, Thomsen, is an exception, proving that songcraft is the focus and this is a team effort.  All in all, Unbroken is a very solid Power Metal album chock full of melody, technical execution, and superior song writing. A few tracks immediately blew me away and some took a while to grow. I did end up taking the time to listen and found the album to be terrific. You will too. more here

Guitarist RENE THOMSEN Surrounded By World Renowned Musicians With His New Release Unbroken more here

Decibel Geek Interview                                                                                                                                                                                               . . .A complete pleasure to talk with and a professional dedicated to his craft.  . . .Immediately upon spinning Unbroken I delighted in the meaty power metal contained therein . . . I highly recommend Thomsen's Unbroken for metal fans across the world!                                                      full interview    Full Review here

                                                                                                  With a ton of cool guest stars and some badass riff-rockers, Unbroken is an album that fans of good songwriting should flock to in droves. How on earth I didn’t catch on the first time around is beyond me, but I am fully onboard now!  more here

René Thomsen and guests offering their answer to the question of whether or not power metal as a whole can still offer something moving and worthwhile. If you're a fan of  the U.S. power metal scene with it's meatier riffs and more straight-forward/guitar-friendly approach to creating moody metal then  this one is definitely going to be a keeper! more