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Unbroken 2014


Denis Brosowski,       Rene Thomsen,             Ingo Lühring,               Mike Pesin,

Featuring Guests:

Vinnie Appice,          

Helge Engelke,         

Bobby Jarzombek,       

Udo Dirkschneider,   

Andre Hilgers,

Mathias Dieth.

Robert Soeteboek

David Vincent,

Ruthless XXL  2013

The Ruthless  20 track xxl Release with Live Bootleg - Demos & the originals -

Band Live:

Jürgen Wulfes,          Matthias Liebetruth,     Ingo Lühring,                Mike Pesin,                   Rene Thomsen

Guests Studio:

Herman Frank,          Stefan Schwarzmann, Nibbs Carter,                Ingo Powitzer,                 Jan Eckert,                 Henny Wolter,           Bobby Jarzombek,       Neil Murray

Ruthless 2009

the furious 2009 release with:


Herman Frank,  

J. Wulfes

 S. Schwarzmann, Nibbs Carter, 

Ingo Powitzer, 

Jan Eckert,                  Henny Wolter,           Bobby Jarzombek,      Neil Murray

   THOMSEN      ........2021..........

New Songs & CD featuring the current Band in 2021:

Jürgen Wulfes Vox,

Michael Kolar Drums,

Niklas Turmann Bass,

Mike Pesin Guitar,

Rene Thomsen Guitar